Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bags, Jewelry and Nuevo Bazaar

Last Saturday was my second time trying to sell my bags and my first but not last time at Nuevo Bazaar.  I managed to get 8 bags finished in a week, which was pretty good considering I didn't put a huge amount of effort into it.  Anyway, I didn't sell anything, but Maryann of Drama Queen Jewelry left up around $20 after paying for the table.  I on the other hand left in the hole $100 when all was said and done.  It felt like a trip to Vegas!  We had a really nice day meeting new people and have lots of ideas of how we'd do it differently next time.  In fact, Maryann and I are planning on setting up shop again in June at another craft fair, more details to come, but look for a much larger and much more interesting inventory!

Tags Kiera made for my stuff.
and she made these for Maryann.....

and these are the tags Kiera made for Drama Queen (I think Kiera should be peddling her stuff too!)

some of my bags

Drama Queen awesomeness

The upshot was I got this super cool bike which I've been working on restoring!  More pics to come, but so far so I've been loving learning how to work on and restore old bikes.   Perhaps, I might be selling a few of these at the next Nuevo Bazaar..........

1973 Schwinn Breeze 

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