Monday, September 7, 2009

Singing in the Rain

  Last night we had friend over for a bbq and it rained and rained.  Not that any of us complained!  We so needed the rain and the storm last night was a perfect send off to the summer.  It was the first time all summer that it rained so hard and long and the kids had a blast playing and sing MJ songs in it!  Well, the girls sang, the boys just jumped around!  We sat on the porch, under cover drinking our drinks and enjoying the entertainment.  I took a few pictures, the quality isn't great,Sept 2009 fun in the rain 004 but you get the idea....     

Sept 2009 fun in the rain 007 Sept 2009 fun in the rain 006 Sept 2009 fun in the rain 001Sept 2009 fun in the rain 009

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Been a long time...

there are definite reasons that i've been neglecting my blog, non of which i want to get into right now.  let's just say life happens.....anywho, hopefully this will bring a smile to the 4 people who look at my blog.  :)