Tuesday, February 16, 2010


How could it not be a great day when this is my horoscope:

You may feel elated and pleased with yourself today. Your future will probably look bright as you gaze upon the many possible paths that are open to you. In your optimism, you may discover that opportunities you once thought were out of your reach now seem attainable. If you should find yourself facing a difficult or stressful decision, you’ll likely approach it with the understanding that you are capable of overcoming it. You may feel courageous and bold in your personal and professional lives and ready to take calculated risks to build the life of your dreams. You can make the most of the confidence you feel today by asking your boss to let you handle more responsibility or by undertaking a personal project that can contribute to the fulfillment of your most precious aspirations.

Feeling positive about your prospects can be one of the most important elements in your ability to achieve your goals. Pessimistic thoughts easily become real-life roadblocks because our negative attitudes are then reflected in everything we do. It is impossible to feel helpless or out of control when you view your world optimistically. A positive and hopeful attitude will inspire you to look for opportunities to take advantage of challenging personal and professional prospects. You’ll feel capable of addressing any difficulties the universe puts in your path and of handling distractions in an empowering way. Your attitude will carve a path that leads you to success. The positivity you feel today will give you the courage, willpower, and discipline you need to reach your goals.

 Just to prove my point, look how great Patrick's breakfast turned out this morning.  Made with an egg fresh from our chickens.      


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  1. look at you...blogging like crazy! awesome! thanks for the shout out!