Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2nd AFC


Last night I met Kiera and Maryann at ZinBurger for our 2nd annual failure celebration.  I know, it sounds kind of like a downer, but it really wasn't.  This is the second year that we have set weight loss goals for ourselves and not met them.  In fact, i was farther away from my goal than when I set it.  Yesterday morning I got on the scale, even though I would have rather not, and in fact, it did bum me out.  Then Kiera sent a link to a post by bits&pieces talking about how she was back up to the same weight she was when she was 6 months pregnant-holla!  It was funny and I laughed, but Maryann was bummed out by it.  I started thinking about it and I decided to take a different approach, a much different approach for me anyway.  I decided given that I am going to be 41 (i still am having a hard time believing it) in 9 days, I'm not doing to poorly.  I mean yes, I could be thinner and look younger, but all in all I'm not doing too bad.  2 years ago I was 20lbs. thinner and could fit into lots of cute clothes that I still can barely squeeze into, but I am much happier.  Kiera said she knows someone who would rather be thin and unhappy, but I think I would rather be happy and a little heavier.  I've never been a small person and I've always been athletic, so i don't really know the joy associated with be thin.  Besides, a little chub on the face fills in the wrinkles, right?!

So we celbrated with burgers and milkshakes and I ate so much that I had a baby barf in my mouth.  Perfect.  We also set new goals on an 18 week deadline, so here we go again.  Not only am I more motivated, I am really looking forward to our first annual celebration dinner.  (our goals were slightly more realistic this time).  Here's to good friends and the love of food we share and the love of exercise we are trying to find....

PS.  I've made lots of new purses and i'll be posting pics soon.  oh, and about that salted caramel ice cream.  It might have to wait.....


  1. Golly, that's an awesome photo. But really, is my head actually that big?